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What if you entangle two particles, send one to KC and one to NY, then direct both desks to measure their particle at a set time? If KC sees a 0, can they execute a sell order book, say, which NY can frontrun because, knowing which of the buy or sell books KC executed, they sell their pre-arranged book beforehand at a higher price and capture the spread?

In other words, can you set up a trade where you win when you know what your counterparty did before they do it? If KC sets up two trades and decides between them based on the measurement outcome of an entangled particle, can NY frontrun the appropriate one, because they know what KC did?

Would the 5.8 light-millisecond hard limit be removed, as well as the need for physical land rights? Can we prove Faster Than Light communication by setting up profitable financial trades using protocols such as outlined above?

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