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My inflation questions: aren't prices arbitrary? Can't we solve inflation using Cost Of Living Adjustments, Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, and inflation swaps?

Isn't Minsky's two-price theory shaky because arbitrary financial/liquidity conditions determine gas prices at the pump, too?

In the T-account schematic, who borrows to produce equity shares? Don't equity shares ultimately represent claims on the central bank, which shares are created before the central bank knows it?

Don't inflation swaps solve nominal debt commitments, and can't central banks buy and sell inflation swaps as needed to manipulate breakevens? Since inflation is often said to be expectation-determined and breakevens measure inflation expectations, shouldn't central banks be using open market operations to control inflation more directly (i.e., using inflation swaps) than simply raising interest rates?

Why can't the Fed also fight inflation by paying the inflation rate as interest on individual deposit accounts, to encourage individual savings if inflation spikes?

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